VADEMA is an innovative Doctoral programme to train 4 young scientists in the areas of Mass Spectrometry and Vaccinology.


The scientific elements of the fellows’ training will enable them to be competent in Mass Spectrometry and vaccinology by enhancing their knowledge about all aspects involved in the rational design of a vaccine. It will also increase their competencies in relation to the Structural Mass Spectrometry platform. At the end of the training program, the ESRs will get their official Ph.D degree from the University of Copenhagen.

Its scope is the development of Structural Mass Spectrometry tools and their applications to elucidate structures of membrane antigens and dissect the humoral responses raised by these antigens with the aim to identify efficient vaccine candidates and/or improve the design of existing vaccines.

Strategic objective:
VADEMA partners will provide a unique framework to equip future European scientists with the knowledge required to face the challenges posed by infectious diseases in 21st century. It will do so by delivering a state-of-the-art Research Program in the competitive field of “infection biology” with the goal of identifying novel strategies for efficient vaccine design. The ESR training presented below will cover Structural Mass Spectrometry strategies for vaccine design and represents the first application in this field. Moreover, VADEMA will contribute to expand the use of structural mass spectrometry in Europe. So far, this novel method is used by few European laboratories despite the fact that it has potential applications in many area of research including specific applications involving proteins.

Scientific objectives:
VADEMA, seeks to develop structural mass spectrometry tools aimed at understanding how to design effective vaccines and addressing important open questions regarding response to vaccination or infections. It will lead to innovative methodologies for the development of vaccine candidates to fight diseases for which no vaccine is currently available. It may also have applications in more diverse medical fields such as oncology, autoimmune disease and allergy.

VADEMA will involve 4 Ph.D projects well integrated in two interconnected research work packages shown below.

WP1: Development of a structural mass spectrometry platform for vaccine design

WP2: Application of a Structural Mass Spectrometry platform to improve antigen design


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