VADEMA is a public-private collaboration that will improve knowledge through the development of a Structural Mass Spectrometry platform for vaccine identification and design.


The scientific elements of the fellows’ training will enable them to be competent in Mass Spectrometry and vaccinology by enhancing their knowledge about all aspects involved in the rational design of a vaccine. It will also increase their competencies in relation to the Structural Mass Spectrometry platform. At the end of the training program, the ESRs will get their official Ph.D degree from the University of Copenhagen.

Moreover, the transferable skill courses foreseen by VADEMA will provide the ESRs with the necessary tools to become project managers, find funds and communicate effectively with the different stakeholders and/or non-scientific media. These courses will guarantee that all the ESRs receive enough knowledge on various complementary topics to foster their entrepreneurial mind-set. The intersectorial and interdisciplinary aspects of the partnership will produce scientists who are able to adapt to work in either the public or private sector. They will represent an investment in the research assets of the European Union.


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